To Long-Term Care Planning

Stories, information and tips for people under 60-years old so they can make the best decision to plan for this potential need.

What you will learn from this book! 

How to Get Long-Term Care Coverage Possibly without a dime out of Pocket!

In fact, you will learn how to find out if it is possible to get Long-Term Care Coverage and Have EVEN More Money Today And In Retirement! 

Lifetime Income that increases if you require long-term care.

Guaranteed income in retirement that will increase if you ever require long-term care so you never have to worry about running out of money!

how uncle sam will help you pay for long-term care insurance.

Exploit the US tax code to take advantage of tax laws that will help you pay for long-term care insurance leaving more money in your pocket.

long-term care insurance policy design options.

Learn long-term care insurance policy design options so you can understand how to get the best value and the right coverage. This will give you the most control over your care if you need it.

How to Have Your Home State Pay for 100% of your long-term care Services…

What you can do RIGHT NOW to have your home state pay for ALL your Long-Term Care Services for as long as you live while protecting your assets and estate.

Long-Term Care Services Covered Under Medicare.

Learn what long-term care services Medicare covers and what they do not so you understand what benefits you have FOR FREE.

Using home equity to pay for Long-Term Care.

How to use home equity to pay for long-term care so you can avoid going into a nursing home which means you can continue living in your home.

Finally.. figuring out a Long-Term Care Plan.

The 100% guaranteed way to figuring out a long-term care plan for yourself so you’re confident and able to stop worrying about this important concern so you can focus more on enjoying retirement

Top Ten Reason to Get Long- Term Care Insurance


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