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From: Kevin Wenke CFP®,  Investment Advisor and Founder @ Decision Tree Financial 

You just requested a copy of my guide,  “How to Buy Long-Term Care Insurance and Build Wealth In Retirement.” The guide will help you realize what is possible and that you can accomplish more with your money when you leverage strategies that use the rules of the financial game to your favor!

The Financial Freedom Process™ takes what I shared a step further…

It is where we work together to create a comprehensive strategy that works ideally for your unique situation. It’s my financial planning process that guides you through the financial decision making process so you exploit the rules of the financial game and position yourself for long-term success. 

“The future you’ve always desired will be manifested by the decisions you make TODAY.” 

Before I explain how The Financial Freedom Process™ can help bring action, direction, confidence, simplicity, and wealth into your life, I’d like to ask you a couple of questions…

Please Review and Answer “Yes” or “No” To Discover If The Process is Right For YOU…

If you said “YES” to ANY of these questions, I invite you to READ ON to learn about The Financial Freedom Process™ 

ATTENTION: Everything Below Was Written To Explain

The Why, What, and How Of 

The Financial Freedom Process™


BUT, If you are impatient like me, YOU CAN scroll ALL THE WAY To The Bottom to see the investment, review the FAQ’s and sign-up to take advantage of my special offer to discover how the process can work for you… 

But Really, READ THE WHOLE LETTER…It Explains A LOT!

Money’s role in Creating the life you desire

Do you want a financial life that performs to its full potential.  Do you want…

  1. Long-Term Wealth where your money is working for you helping you become financially independent so you can live the way you want and take care of the people you love? 
  2. Security where your wealth and family are protected so you never have to worry about losing everything forcing you to start over if an undesirable and unforeseen event occurs?
  3. Confidence knowing that your financial strategy is the best way to create the life you desire?
  4. To Create a Positive Lasting Legacy so people will think about you with a smile on their face, and you can feel good about living a life of significance?

Along the way do you want to keep your finances organized, flexible and easy to manage? 

Just about EVERYONE WANTS THIS BUT The Reality for so many is even after a lifetime of working their butts off, they don’t EVEN COME CLOSE TO achieving the financial life they desire. As a matter of fact many end up failing miserably.

And here’s 3 Reasons Why…

Problem 1:  People Don't Understand Money and How The Financial System Works...

Let's Face It, Money is Confusing! There is a lot to consider... 

The Financial Industry understands money and they want to take YOUR MONEY for their profits! If you are not careful, you will be dealing with institutions that:

For many, it feels like The Financial Industry and Government rig the Rules of the Money Game to their advantage making it impossible everyday people to succeed. 

Problem 2:  The Way People Make Important Financial Decisions...

People make numerous financial decisions during their lifetime. When they do, they tend to make them:

  • One at a time,
  • At different times,
  • With different advisors,
  • Under different circumstances…

They don’t stop to consider how all these pieces work together…

So all the financial decisions they make (and don’t make…) are uncoordinated leading to inefficiency. As they move forward through time, it is kind of like they are trying to get a head with their “two front wheels” pointing in opposite directions…

This misalignment causes bad decisions or even freeze and do nothing out of fear of making a mistakes. 

This make it easy for others to take advantage of you leaving you with less to accomplish your goals…

Problem 3:  The "Financial Barbarians"...

In life, there is the potential to  experience a number of situations and unavoidable factors that, if left unaddressed, threaten to consume your money, your time and your focus…

I call them the "Financial Barbarians" and they include:

These (3) Problems Along With Everything Else Going On In You Life Can Be Overwhelming… And Makes Your Financial Life



Without a Process To Guide You in Your Financial Decision Making, You Too May Not Come Close to Achieving the Life You Set Out to Create For Yourself…

Luckily, There is a Solution...

The Financial Freedom Process

A Holistic & Dynamic Process To Coordinate Your Financial Life, Exploit the Rules of the Financial Games to Your Advantage, Protect Yourself Financially and Ultimately Be Happy


During the Process, we address ALL areas of your financial life:

The 7-Steps To Achieve Financial Freedom....

Let Me Explain How The Process Works and What To Expect…

Step 1: We Discuss
What Is Important About Money to You and Set Goals?

Financial Success requires a life-time commitment. Therefore, the VERY FIRST STEP is to determine Your “WHY…” 

We want to identify your values to get them out in to the open because they are what drive you when making financial decisions. When they are firmly rooted in your conscious mind, your moral compass will help you to set goals and make decisions you will be inspired to follow through on.

Step 2: Then, We Understand Your Current Financial Position By Gathering and Organizing Your Financial Information.


The Financial Freedom Process™ is going to inspire you along on a lifetime journey of financial success.

An old Chinese proverb states “A journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.”  

To make that step count, we need to know where you are starting from and where you ultimately want to go so the action you take is efficient, meaningful and inspiring. 

This is where we have you do some “homework.” We need you to collect all your financial documents so we can put a picture together to understand where you are starting from.

Know too, it doesn’t matter where you start from so don’t be ashamed. It is more important you have a clear vision of where you want to be and the inspiration to take positive action to get you there. 

Step 3: My Team and I Get to Work Analyzing Your Information and Situation...

We consider how your money comes into and out of your household

Cash Flow

Cash flow refers to the circulation of money in your household accounts (both earning and spending).  


Debt is often just a cost to your financial life and should usually be limited.  However debt can be used strategically to enhance well-managed strategies. Sources of Debt:


Full protection is critical for guarding against unforeseen events that can strike at any time and wreck your financial future.

Our objectives on the protection game board are to:

Next we look at SAVINGS

Cash reserves are needed as a safety net providing additional protection, liquidity, ability to work for a specific purpose or to be able to take advantage of opportunities.

The objectives are:

Finally we look at GROWTH

The Growth Section is where we look to build long-term wealth and future income. This is where we can implement LEAPS (discussed in the guide) if they are the right strategy for you.

Investments in this section have a greater possibility of higher return with a greater potential for loss. They work together with our savings to meet the objectives which are:

During our analysis we consider what you said was important to you so we can analyse where you are strong, where you are weak and how you can reorganize to become more:

Step 4: We Develop A Set of Recommendations Based on The Values and Goals You Shared...

Acting as Your “Macro Manager”, we look at the BIG PICTURE and work with you and your other advisors and specialists to zero in on recommendations designed to help you create the future you desire…

We want to make sure we coordinate your plan to work as efficiently as possible which means making sure everyone is on the same page!

Step 5: We Present and Discuss Our Recommendations With You and Together Begin Co-Creating a Strategy...

A Philosopher Once Said, “Money is Just a Tool, but It Doesn’t Replace YOU as the Driver.” Our recommendations begin the dialogue of determining the financial strategies that will…

This gives you clarity in your decision-making process creating efficiencies that will save you time and money. 

As a matter of fact, when you go through The Financial Freedom Process, your finances should become more efficient allowing you to get more out of what you already have.  With a focus on managing risk and increasing returns, you will be positioned to handle the ‘Financial Barbarians’ and possibly have more money now and more money in the future!

All this to give you the Peace of Mind that your financial objectives can be met under many different future conditions.

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, but our objective is to co-create strategies with you to have the greatest opportunity for:


Happiness and

Success Over Your Lifetime.

Step 6: Take Action Putting Your Strategy In Place...

Now that you know The Actions You Want to Take & WHY You Want To Take Them – WE IMPLEMENT The Plan – Putting you in the Best Position To Succeed!

Step 7: We Are Your Partner to Review, Revise and Update Your Plan Over Time...

The Financial Freedom Process is a dynamic process FLEXIBLE to CHANGE as your situation may change over time. We will be there for you to go over how you are doing and make adjustments as needed.

My Story: Why I Started Decision Tree Financial to be different than other financial planning firms…

As an experienced Certified Financial Planner™ and Chartered Life Underwriter™, my team and I have specialized knowledge and a fiduciary responsibility to help you get the most out of your financial resources.

Our Model looks at different categories of Protection, Savings and Growth.  Then coordinates your money to create efficiencies leading to greater wealth protection and accumulation. I owe a lot to the process in my own life…

I Never Planned On Becoming a 'Financial Guy' But It Became My Calling...

You see, back in 2003, I considered myself a successful 31-year old. I had spent thousands of hours learning about investing, taxes and money by watching shows like CNBC, reading financial books and listening to financial radio. In 5 years, I successfully built a nest egg of about $250,000 on a salary of $45,000.  I felt I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing to build wealth so I would be a financially free multi-millionaire by the time I was in my 40’s.

Things were going so well for me when I was young that the thought of managing risk was the last thing on my mind. I was focused on figuring out how to get ahead faster and increasing my return. Because of this, the thought of using my money to buy something like insurance was the farthest thing from my mind…

I believed the opportunity cost of paying the premium would take me longer to get to the level of wealth I really wanted to have…

My thoughts were heavily influenced by the content I was consuming in the media which creates the ‘status quo’ way of doing things. They had me convinced the secret to success was to embrace risk and go “all in” employing all of my money to generate returns…

Basically, I believed, if someone had a plan B then they didn’t believe in their plan A.

But I was wrong because not everything in life is in your control…

I found this out the hard way when I was diagnosed with cancer at age 31. The consequences cause me to lose EVERYTHING I had accumulated at that point of my life. The experience forced me to question everything I thought I knew and set me out on a mission to challenge the status quo to discover new powerful ways to position and manage wealth. This is how I became a financial planner…

And I live by what I have learned.

I put many of these principals I have discovered to work in my own life so much so that when I was diagnosed with cancer a 2nd time at age 43, my family and I didn’t miss a beat financially. The Financial Freedom Process put my family in a position where we didn’t have to worry about money. This allowed me to focus my energy on fighting and surviving, which I have, allowing me to be here with you right now.

I don’t know what future holds for you and your family. I don’t know if the world’s financial system is going to fall apart tomorrow if inflation is going to skyrocket or if the federal government is going to raise taxes to historical levels to pay off their debt.

What I do know you have the power to position your money in a way where you are in maximum control of your future as you take advantage of every opportunity to increase your wealth while putting systems in place to protect that wealth from the ‘Financial Barbarians’ that exist in today’s world…

“The Financial Freedom Process” makes it simple for you to:

  • Position your wealth to maximize your returns.
  • Implement systems to protect yourself financially from the effects caused by the financial ‘barbarians.’
  • Streamline your financial decisions because you understand the rules about what you should or shouldn’t do and why you should or shouldn’t do something as it pertains to the future you want to create
  • Understand risk vs. reward so you can take the least amount of risk to earn maximum rate of return.
  • Realize financial freedom so you can do what it is you want to do, when you want to do it and not have to worry about your wealth being ripped away by something you cannot control…

…and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

You will achieve a level of confidence with your money that will reduce your stress and allow you to enjoy life’s journey because you will know you are maximizing your potential and protecting yourself from the worlds risks.

Which also means you won’t feel stuck, feeling like you will never achieve financial freedom because you won’t always be wondering if there is more you could do.

And best of all… you’ll start seeing results using “The Financial Freedom Process” within a couple of weeks of starting. I guarantee the experience will provide this for you or you will pay nothing meaning you have everything to gain going through the process and nothing to lose.

So, if you’re someone worried about your financial future who wants to understand how to get the upper hand to achieve financial success, understand this:

  • Every day you wait to start is potentially a missed opportunity…
  • the world can change in a moment, without the right systems in place you are exposing yourself to situations where you may or you may not be able to recover financially…
  • You owe it to yourself to do everything you can to ensure your and your families success today and for the rest of your life….

EveryThing You Will Recieve For completing the Process!

You know the process and why it is important. Now I will explain WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE FINANCIAL FREEDOM PROCESS…


(3) To (5) One-on-One sessions, with me, so you can pick my brain and tell me your challenges, worries and everything you want to achieve with your money.

Total Value : $2,000+

If you are local, we can meet in person. However, most chose to meet on ‘Zoom’ calls, since they are simple and allow for the most flexibility. These meetings are also where we get to know each other and you tell me about yourself to help me understand what is important about money to you so I can begin designing the perfect plan for you.  


The Financial Freedom Roadmap 

Total Value : $5,000+

This living document will allow you to experience potential outcomes if various actions are chosen. This allows you to both visualize where you are today and what you future might be when making important financial decisions.  

Do you want to see a sample financial plan? Click here to Download it now.


Implementing The INVEST™ and SALLO™ Strategies

Total Value : $7,500+

When it comes to your investment portfolio, never worry about a stock market crash again with both strategies. Be positioned to receive maximum gain when the stock market trends higher, limit loses during stock market declines and be positioned to “be a buyer when everyone else is selling” to increase returns the next time the stock market collapses and the government steps in to bail out Wall Street.   

Also, Receive These Special Bonuses Just For Taking The First Step In The Process...

Bonus #1

The Financial Freedom Rulebook

Total Value : $97

This book outlines the rules the financial industry operates under while also providing you with 11 rules you must follow to beat them at their own game and achieve your maximum financial potential.

Bonus #2

“The 99 Financial Barbarians and How To Protect Yourself”

Total Value : $97

 Never be caught in a situation where something happens that “you hadn’t thought of” which ends up destroying you financially. This guide identifies 99 risks that would plunder your wealth and how to protect your finances from their impact so you can continue building your financial future. 

Bonus #3

“Why The Stock Market”

Total Value : $97

Stocks may be the most popular investment for building wealth but are they the best. I will explain how stocks may give you a certificate of ownership but what are you really buying?

Oh, and I wrote this in 2020 BEFORE Elon Musk sued to get a his $56 Billion Dollar Pay Deal from TESLA Stock Owners…!

If “The Financial Freedom Process” doesn’t bring financial security into your live giving you peace of mind you are doing everything you need to do to become financially free… if it doesn’t understand you choices and make smart financial decisions… or if it fails to help you realize your lifestyle goals… then we’ll refund your money and you will pay NOTHING, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your becoming financially free results!

Here is Everything You Get For Starting The Financial Freedom Process Today:

  • 3-5 one-on-one meetings to pick my brain and tell me everything you want out of your money ($2,000 Value)
  • The Financial Freedom Roadmap ($5,000+Value)
  • Implement The INVEST™ and SALLO™ Strategies ($7,500+ Value)
  • BONUS #1: The Financial Freedom Rulebook ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #2: 99 “Financial Barbarians ($97 Value)
  • BONUS #3: “Why Wall Street” ($97 Value)

Total Value: $14,791

But Right NowYou Don’t Have To Pay $14,791 to Experience The Process!

For Spending The time to  Read This Entire Presentation, I  Am offering you the ability to start The Financial Freedom Process* with a Deposit of Just:


As Part Of This One-Time Offer, The Total Investment will be determined Later at A Reduced Rate Based On A Percentage of Both Income (0.5%) and assets (0.25%) with a Minimum Charge of $997.00*

You Will Pay The Remaining Balance After You Complete the First 6 Steps I outLined AND you are 100% Satisfied With your Results.

*My typical structure is determined as a percent of income (1%) and assets (0.50%) with a minimum fee of $5,000.00 where I require a minimum Deposit of $2,500.00. Because you read my guide, I want to make this offer available to you, again, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you pay NOTHING.

Again, I will never Collect a fee…


if you are not 100% satisfied


NOT In a Better Financial position than before we met!

If you go through the entire process and tell me “Kevin, I don’t like what we did together, then I will return your deposit to you and you will pay ZERO!

No Questions Asked!

With this guarantee, you have EVERYTHING to Gain and  Nothing to Lose 

I make this guarantee because the last thing I want is you not finding out what The Financial Freedom Process is all about and missing an opportunity to change your life because you were afraid you might not get the results you want.

I realize you may have worked with other advisors in the past and that you may think think there isn’t much I can do that is different, but that would be a mistake to assume.

Please understand, there is nothing I love hearing more from my clients than comments life “So that is how that works” and “I never knew you could do that.”

When I hear phrases like that, I know they have discovered something new and that new information is able to create a transformational shift in the way they approach money. 

I want to help everyone but unfortunately my time is limited. Therefore, take advantage of this offer and get started now while I have this offer open so you discover how the process can transform your life! I promise you will not regret it…

My hope is that you will be saying…

“I wish I had gone through this process a long time ago!”

Thanks for taking the time to read this entire letter and I can’t wait to see the transformation you will experience after you complete the design and implementation steps of The Financial Freedom Process.
Kevin Wenke
P.S.In case you are one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of a letter, here is the deal:
I am inviting you to participate in my financial planning process I call “The Financial Freedom Process” that will help you visualize the best ways to position your money for both performance and protection.  

Because you read my guide, I am making a LIMITED TIME OFFER where I reduce the investment to start down from $2,499 to only $197. When you have completed the process, the remaining balance, which will be calculated on 0.5% of your income and 0.25% of your assets (minimum investment of $997) will be due if and only if you are 100% satisfied with the outcome we produce. As a matter of fact, if you don’t like the outcome, I will return your deposit because I can’t take anyone’s money if I haven’t made their life better!

For your investment, you will have 3-5 60-90 minute meetings with me ($2000 Value), Receive a “Financial Freedom Roadmap” ($5000+ Value) and have both The INVEST™ and SALLO™ Strategies implemented ($7,500+ Value.)

In addition, for starting the process now, you will also get 1) The Financial Rulebook ($97 Value) 2) The 99 Financial Barbarians Guide ($97 Value) and 3) “Why The Stock Market” ($97 Value.)

That is a minimum of $14,791 of value for an investment as low as $997!

There isn’t a catch…there aren’t ant gimmicks…and there won’t be a monthly charge and you won’t pay any fee if you don’t see yourself in a better financial position after you complete the system than where you were before we started.
My mission is to help people not worry about money so they can concentrate on living the life they want for themselves.
 If I am unable to help you achieve that goal, I will return 100% of the deposit too if you tell me you didn’t get anything out of what you learned during our time together…
So you have everything to gain and nothing to lose

I Want a Free 30-Minute "Zoom Meeting" With Kevin To
Learn How He Can Help Me Accomplish More!

Start Your Process Today!

Get On Kevin's Calendar Here...

Don’t See A Time That Works For You? You Can Contact me by texting 754-600-5995 and saying “Hi, my name is (your name) and I want to set up a time to have my free 1st session of The Financial Freedom Process.”

This will get you on our waiting list and we will text back when a spot opens up…

Do you still have more questions?

Here are some

Frequently Asked Questions

That Will Be Able to Help

Unlike a lot of financial advisors who require their clients to reach a certain assets or income level before they can work together, I DO NOT. Instead, I work with people who have a certain “psychographic.” That means they want more out of their current financial situation and want to achieve financial security balancing both protection and long-term wealth-building strategies.
Typically, the people who enjoy working with me have already achieved a level of financial or professional success and want to be sure that their wealth is always there for them so it can continue working as efficiently as possible towards financial independence. If they have reached financial independence, they want to maintain and not worry about a personal or global financial crisis jeopardizing their lifestyle.
I am not the type of financial advisor who is going to help someone find the next hot investment idea that could either make or break them. My approach is methodical looking to take advantage of the rules that govern the financial system to my client’s advantage.
My job is to help you become wealthy if you aren’t already. If you are already wealthy, my job is to make keep you there and make sure you don’t lose it all and have to start all over again. 

The investment to participate in The Financial Freedom Process is based on 1) The total of Annual Income (i.e. – from a job, business, pensions, Social Security, and/or trusts) and 2) Your total Assets Value (such as the value of your businesses (if applicable), real estate holdings, retirement account balances, brokerage accounts, collectibles, etc.)

If you generate passive income from your investments and/or retirement account balances, the lesser of that income or the value of the asset is considered.

As part of this One-Time Offer, the amount of your investment will be determined by taking 0.25% of your assets and 0.5% of your income. So, someone with $100,000 of income and $1,000,000 in assets should expect to invest $3,000.

($100,000 income x 0.5% = $500) + ($1,000,000 assets x 0.25% = $2,500) = $3,000.

The minimum fee to participate is typically $4,995 but, as part of this one-time offfer, the minimum fee is reduced down to $997.00. The Maximum Fee is reduced to $25,000 for the most complicated situations.* 

To start the process only the initial deposit of $197 is required aand the final cost of the system will be determined and agreed upon after all assets and incomes are disclosed.

However, the special offer in the above webpage will supersede this investment. 

*In addition, I retain right to reduce or eliminate any additional fee when an insurance product is purchased and that product pays a commission to provide my firms compensation.

There are (2) Answers to this:

Generally speaking, the initial design it will take between 3 and 5 meetings to complete the system. Typical meetings are 90 minutes although some can be longer or shorter depending on the conversation we are having. Most of the work developing the plan is done behind the scenes when you are not there. My team spends an average of 22 hours organizing and developing our recommendations based on the input you provide.

The cool thing is that we perform most of our meetings ONLINE so that you do not have to travel to my office. You, and if you are married, your spouse and anyone else who should be part of the conversation can log into our online meeting room allowing you to participate from just about anywhere which saves you hours of travel time and expense.

This is a process and is therefore ongoing. We should meet at least yearly though many clients like to meet more frequently to make sure they are on course. For these meetings, I charge an hourly fee that can be between $400 and $200 an hour.

The Financial Freedom Process requires you (and your other advisors) and our team to work together and co-create a financial strategy that will help your financial life become more efficient and coordinated. In doing so, you will feel confident and will be successful building and maintaining your wealth while living free and doing more of what you want to do – when you want to do it!

If during the first 4 months of our working together you feel the process isn’t helping you towards that result and want to stop the process, any money you have paid to that point will be refunded and any remaining balance will not be invoiced!

Please understand, I became a financial planner in 2003 after I experienced what it is like to lose everything. I know how my knowledge, perspective and experience can help a lot of people but I also realize there are situations where I can’t help, so I’d rather return the money and help them find an advisor who can help them.

I do this so you understand there is no risk to get started.

Yes, Not showing up to the appointed time and not calling more than 2 times and I reserve the right to retain the fee. 

The Financial Freedom Process is an experience that will help you organize your financial life so that you can make the best financial decisions. 

You will receive a visual representation of your current financial position first. Then, together, we will explore different strategies through our model to find the best money moves you can make will put you in the optimal position to grow and protect your wealth.

I understand. It’s likely you are meeting me on the internet to start and you want to know who you are talking with and is he who he claims to be.

I encourage you to do a background check on me.

The easiest way is to confirm my designations; I am a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Life Underwriter.

To confirm my CFP status visit: and type in my last name.

The CFP board does annual background checks on Certified Financial Planners and requires CFPs to complete 30-hours of continuing education to maintain certification.

Learn more about what a CFP means at:

To verify my Chartered Life Underwriter status visit:

Everyone has different circumstances but The Financial Freedom Process is a comprehensive planning platform. In the system we will address the following:

  • Income
  • Debt
  • Taxes
  • Investments
  • Liquidity,
  • Risk Management and Protection,
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Continuation,
  • Your short – medium -and long-term goals.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER who is licensed as an investment advisor but I DO NOT SELL INVESTMENT PRODUCTS. 

I am also an insurance broker who represents over 500 different insurance companies offering life, health, property and casualty insurance products. When one of these financial product are the right solution, my team can assist you in finding the best solution. Compensation is disclosed and I typically reduce the remaining fee by any commissions received.

NO!  If you have an accountant or attorney you consult with when making important financial decisions, we actually want them to be part of the process. The goal is to have EVERYONE you already like and trust be on the same page, not to replace your relationships!

If you do not have an attorney or accountant and you end up needing the type of services they provide, we can refer you to one of our valued partners who understands The Financial Freedom Process and the importance of a coordinated effort.

Most of my clients have a financial planner or investment advisor they already work with. 

They decide to work with me because, through The Financial Freedom Process and strategies like SALLO, they see that I offer something much different than the typical financial advisor who’s main goal is to accumulate assets under management so they can charge fees.

I also use a unique and specialized process that really concentrates on your core values when it comes to money. This does a number of super cool things.

For one, It helps you increase their wealth building and income potential. 

This allows your money to work harder for you so they can achieve their goals more efficiently. The cool thing is that you can do this many times without ANY REDUCTION IN YOUR CURRENT LIFESTYLE. As a matter of fact, your current lifestyle may even increase! You would be amazed on how much the financial industry will take from you if you let them…

This leads me to the second cool thing and that is the “Protection” portion of the system. Even though you are increasing your money’s ability to work more efficiently, the processes we use significantly reduces your risk. The goal is to make sure you aren’t ever worried about something happening, like a long-term care need or stock market crash, that could wipe your family out financially.

I am so confident I can make a huge difference in your financial life that if you go through the system and are not satisfied with the results it creates for your life, I refund 100% of the investment you made to participate in the system.

It is up to you to decide if that is an offer you would like to accept…

The Financial Freedom Process has a goal to make your financial life as efficient as possible. In order to do that, it is extremely important to have as much information about your current financial position as possible. 

You can download our “new client data sheet” here to see the types of information that can help us do the best job for you so you get the most out of the system.